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Fleet of Mobil Kitchens and Hot Trucks

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From Montauk to Manhattan, New Jersey and the Hamptons, we are the only caterers that specialize in hot meals as well as craft service. Let us cater to your every need, with professionalism, experience and an in-depth knowledge of event and movie catering.

We know that a hard working crew is a happy working crew. We understand that a catered meal should bring more than just an ordinary experience it should bring the people its serves a great sense of satisfaction and comfort.

At David’s Gourmet Catering and Craft Service we have the experience, the knowledge and the ability to help elevate your crew’s daily life. With over 2 decades in this business we are constantly evolving and reinventing what catering and craft services should be. We are extremely passionate about providing as many healthy and homemade options as possible.

Keeping the crew healthy and hydrated are our main objectives while always keeping it fun.

We have dozens of vendors who we work with in the NYC metropolitan area who in concert with our company can help turn your everyday catering and craft service to a wide range of delicious, creative, healthy and authentic foods from all over the world.

Our Company

David Dreishpoon's Gourmet Catering has been successfully doing business within the television and motion picture industry for over 23 years. We also specialize in corporate, private and off premise catering. Our fleet of hot trucks, decades of experience, and service-centric employees gives us the advantage of being able to cater events anywhere in the tri-state area with success and pride.

We have a keen understanding that people work harder when they feel appreciated. We realize that catering & craft services is more than just feeding your crew. Creating interesting menu’s and providing home made healthy foods makes people happy!